King Arthur Pendragon is one of my favorite games. I’ll be GMing for a local gaming group later this week.

I never get to play it enough. Which means that when I do get to play it I have to review and relearn the game’s winding (but excellent!) rules.

To help me prep for this week’s game — and as a reference for future games — I’ve slapped together a kind of primer for the game to use during play. That is, it doesn’t have anything to do with character creation; it doesn’t cover what you do during The Winter Phase. It’s all about keeping the game moving while learning the rules.

It doesn’t list all tables (it’s only four pages long), but it has most of the info I would need to reference things on the fly. It’s primarily a teaching too. After a while, you wouldn’t have to use it. But it’ll keep you from having to dig through the books each time something comes up in play.

It works about one or two levels deep. That is, something happens (knight gets wounded), you can check the sheets for info. The info might direct you to one more step. You can most likely check that, too. But after that, you’ll be directed to something you’ll have to look at in the book. The idea is that once you’re that deep, until you get the game under your belt, you’ll be cracking open the book and reading through the details at the table during play anyway.

You’ll also note that all the Traits required for Religious & Chivalry bonuses are listed. That’s for me as the GM… to make sure to be on the look out to test Traits that most Knights will usually be angling to make Famous.


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