Introducing Folks to King Arthur Pendragon — One of my Favorite RPGS

14 - 1

I’m part of a local Meetup established to play games the gang hasn’t played yet. Last time we met I offered to run King Arthur Pendragon. Everyone had such a good time they insisted I run another session.

I had planned to introduce the Battle System (from Book of Battles2nd. Edition). But a new player jumped in tonight, so I decided not to dump them into that.

So, instead, in 485 A.D., the Earl of Salisbury sent our new knights out on patrol for Saxons which might be making scouting incursions from the south. They found six, engaged them. (Note: Saxons are tough.)

I warned them about the dangers of Passions (despite the shiny bonuses if one succeeds at the roll.) Despite the warnings, by the time the fight was over, three of the four Knights had fallen into Melancholy. (The Saxons were tougher than any of the Knights expected, leading to terrible and haunting doubts about the impending assault rumored to be on its way.)

Despite the doubts, the Knights triumphed — though they sat despondent and broken on the fields near a forest where they cut down the Saxons. As night fell they saw strange lights glowing beyond the forest’s edge. Curious and afraid (of more Saxons) they made their way closer with guarded care. As they approached they heard strange and beautiful singing as the lights became floating colors both unearthly and appealing.

Three of the Knights stopped at the edge of the trees, afraid to go any further. The fourth made his way closer — seeing a Fairie feast in progress, where beautiful creatures wearing spider thread silks sang and danced. Six Saxon warriors stacked on spikes cut from sharpened tree branches stood at the feasts center.

A fairie child approached him, holding out a scone on her hand. He hesitated, drawn by the sweet’s appearance. But famed for his Temperance, he resisted, backing away.

The knights found shelter for the night. Finished their patrol of the county over the next week. Returned to Sarum to tell everyone of what befell them.

Glory was gained. Two of the Knights each found a bride. A child was born.

I walked them through the Winter Phase and the dynastic elements so they’d have a good idea of how the game works and how all the pieces work together.

As we were wearing up, one player looked over at another player’s character sheet asking, “How much Glory do you have?” So, yeah. They fell for it hard. It went down like gang busters.


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