Rumor Tables for My Lamentations of the Flame Princess Campaign


Rumor Table for the Fallen World Campaign
Each Player Character rolls once on the table before beginning play:

The setting is based on all the Lamentations of the Flame Princes books I could get my hands on. (Which is most of them.) Thus, the nominal setting is 17th century Europe during the 30 Years War. But there is another secret war taking place between multiple worlds and multiple dimensions each with a stake in invading our world. Sometimes adventures will take place here on our Earth as ancient gods, powerful sorcerers, and other forces impinge into our reality (Better Than Any Man, That Frost Doom, Qelong, etc.). But it is also possible for the players travel to the world Carcosa, A Red & Pleasant Land, The Isle Of the Unknown… And so on.

d40 Rumor
1 The stars above are just like our sun, each with a world around it. Upon those worlds are the devils of hell, surrounding us in a sea of space.
2 Jesus was not the Son of God, but a traveler from a distant sun.
3 Catholic and Lutheran leaders battle each other as a ruse, letting a more powerful enemies think they are at each other’s throats to throw these enemies off guard.
4 This world is hell, and we are the demons.
5 Heaven is not in the afterlife, but a world we can escape to now.
6 I have seen silver coins bearing the strange markings of lost Atlantis!
7 A man living on northern face of the Alps once adventured to other worlds and has gone missing.
8 A man living on the norther face of the Alps hires adventurers to explore new worlds with him across a sea of time.
9 A man living on the norther face of the Alps has been possessed by one of Lucifer’s devils.
10 A man living on the norther face of the Alps as opened a gate to Hell.
11 The people of Pembrooktonshire know the whereabouts of a home used by a base of operations of an adventurer who travels to strange lands and returned with great treasure.
12 Pagan Gods established temples atop the Alps before the time of the Roman Empire.
13 Holy men and women of Catholic, Lutheran, Catholic, and Moslem faiths worked together three generations ago to stop a Pagan God from rising.
14 In the distant reaches of the Alps, the Pagan Gods are still worshipped.
15 The Roman Catholic Church destroyed all records of Gods worshipped before the time of Greece and Rome.
16 The Roman Catholic Church has extensive and hidden records of the unknown Gods worshipped before the time of Greece and Rome.
17 There is a terrible weapon hidden in ruins high in the Alps.
18 The dead sometimes walk amongst us, disguised as the living.
19 Hidden in a Pagan temple is a Cure for the World’s Pain.
20 Priests of a Pagan God found the Holy Grail years ago and hid it away.
21 The Tsar has sent agents into the Holy Roman Empire looking for the Seventh Seal of the Apocalypse.
22 The villagers of Dunnsmouth know rumors of a ruin in the mountains above them.
23 The Tsar has hired out his troops as mercenaries to one faction of a terrible war raging in the Far East.
24 The people of the north are turning from God to strange rituals to save themselves from the Holy War.
25 If you stare into mirror and say the Hail Mary three times, you can sometimes see a strange creature in the reflection looking at you.
26 Witches speak not to Devils but to Creatures that in the stars.
27 Witches speak to God’s Avenging Angels.
28 God’s Angels are terrifying and drive men to madness upon being seen.
29 People living outside the town of Karlstadt have turned from God and worship ants and beetles.
30 People living in Karlstadt are being promised heaven on earth by witches living among them.
31 Spies from the worlds around the stars are sent to our world.
32 Our Maker does not live in Heaven, but in one of the stars above.
33 People around Karlstadt have been vanishing. Some say it is because they are fleeing the battles raging nearby. But others say these people disappear without a trace, leaving without their objects or a goodbye.
34 A man traveled with another man, who owned a sphere of gold that could transport you to another world.
35 There is something wrong with the people of Dunnsmouth.
36 The people of Dunnsmouth are warm and inviting.
37 Creatures walk the earth as men, using magic to disguise their true nature.
38 There is another world beyond mirrors. It is where vampires live.
39 The Catholic King of France is backing the Protestant King of Sweden in an attack on the Holy Roman Empire.
40 Men with blue skin have been seen in the highlands to the west, reportedly killing horses, where lighting and thunder rumble for days..
* * *

Also, there is a “Local Rumor” table as they head into A Stranger Storm at the start of the session.

Each PC rolls a d8 and receives one of the following rumors from someone heading the opposite direction the group travels:

Rumors for A Stranger Storm
d8 Rumor
1-4. Meteors fell into the area you are traveling the night before
5-6. Strange meteors, burning with a fire that looked like scarlet rubies, appeared suddenly in the sky last night, before falling to earth
7. A group of men went to investigate several strange meteors that fell to earth in the direction you are traveling. They found cracked stones with hollow centers, too hot to touch.
8. Several men went to examine some strange meteorites that fell last night. They found the shattered remains of the meteors, but nothing else of interest. But two of the men were later found dead the next morning.


6 thoughts on “Rumor Tables for My Lamentations of the Flame Princess Campaign

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  3. Sir, this could make a campaign. Thanks for sharing. I’m reading through your session reports and am delighted at what you’re doing with LotFP. I myself ran a lot of it in the form of various one-shots and dungeoncrawls, but would love to turn it into a campaign. I have a question : how much of an history buff need I become to be able to GM in 17th century europe?

    • As far as being a history buff:

      I know some, but not a lot. I’m certainly no expert.

      Before I began the campaign, I took great comfort from James Raggi’s words in the Adventure Background section of Better Than Any Man. In it he wrote:

      The point is not to get the history correct, or worry about
      whether the history is correct, the point is to use the history as
      flavor to allow the players to fill in the boring, undescribed parts
      with their own knowledge and assumptions so everyone can get
      on with the actual enjoyable parts of the game.
      This adventure employs…
      • Historical truth,
      • Anachronistic historical truth taken from other
      times and places from the Thirty Years War and
      the early-to-mid 17th century in general,
      • Historical myth,
      • Historical detail which is thought to be true by
      the author, but actually isn’t,
      • and pure fiction…
      … and it does not distinguish between them. This is a game
      book, not a tool for learning or teaching history, nor does it seek
      to encourage or discourage any real world attitudes or actions
      other than “Buy more Lamentations of the Flame Princess books
      because they’re gnarly.”

      And that was good enough for me to relax and get on with the fun and the weirdness…

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