Lamentations of the Flame Princess Ref Screen – Player Facing Art


The Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen are down to $21 now on Amazon. It’s a trifold, black vinyl landscape Referee screen with 6 pockets–three facing the Referee and three facing the players.

I had wanted to get a Referee screen for a while — if only to have a few key tables from the game in front of me. But when I tried a 4-panel portrait version it felt like I was hiding from the players! (I hadn’t used a screen in… well, decades. So, getting a horizontal screen was close to perfection.

What made it perfection was the six pockets. I can now slide custom Referee reference sheets I make for different games in and out of the pockets, Couldn’t be happier.

Now, Lamentations of the Flame Princess is clever game, and pretty much everything the players need is on their character sheet. So there was no need to put tables facing them (And the screen is always too far from half the players to be useful anyway.

So, instead I scoured the internet and my LotFP PDFs, grabbed some black & white art, set them on three sheets, printed them out, and set them in the player facing pockets to help get the gang in the mood. If you’re interest, here they are.


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