Fallen World Campaign [LotFP] – Second Session Report


Catching up on the reports from back in September!

The intrepid Player Characters spent enough time trying to sort out where to go next Changelings arrived and hid themselves amid eight other horses in a carriage house. When they started gearing up to get going, they opened the carriage house door and found sixteen horses, along with their own horse and mule crammed in the building.

They slammed the doors shut. Used ropes to tie off the handles. Pulled their cart up to block it. As the Changelings struggled to escape they lit the carriage house on fire. Several Changelings escaped, sometimes attacking in horse from, sometimes mimicking the form of one the PCs. They managed to pick off the mimicking Changelings… until the last one, when Nikolai, one of the Magic-Users, speared another version of himself.

Everyone at the table was tense, not knowing if the standing Nikolai was really himself or a Changeling. (Per the rules of the Changelings in A Stranger Storm.) The team quickly re-blocked the carriage house doors, trapping the remaining horses and Changelings inside, where they burned to death.

Gunther, a Specialist who had become adept at slicing open the Changelings to find the ruby buried at the center of their hearts, quickly sliced open the corpse of Nikolai, reached his hands up through the guts, searching for the man’s heart. He squeezed it tight, looking for the tumor-like hardness that would confirm this was a Changeling and not his friend…

Only to find that as he squeezed, he only felt the hard muscle of the heart and nothing out of place.

He looked up at the visage of the man who looked like his companion, only to see the false Nikolai driving a spear down toward him.

Adrian, a Lutheran Witch-Hunter Cleric, had pistol prepared and ready. An initiative roll was made. The PCs got the win on that. Adrian pointed the barrel of his weapon at Adriean at a range of three feet and blew the Changeling’s head off with 7 points of damage.

More happened after that, which I’ll get to later. But first, a question:

The PCs did a good job of explaining the need to burn down the carriage house and kill the horses to the owner of the inn and the owner of the horses. But Adrian wants to pay for the construction of a new carriage house. (He was certain there was a way of winning without so much carnage.)


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