Fallen World Campaign [LotFP] – Fourth Session Report


Our fourth session began with the PCs ascending to the peak of Death Frost Doom. They had found a map on the inner surface of a tortured Knight’s skin, with the death symbol marking the location of a temple rumored to hold a powerful weapon.

The group has come to call themselves “The Lamplighters”  since after only three sessions their first instinct upon encountering a stressful situation is to throw oil and light people, objects, and structures on fire. (James Raggi was right.  There is no need for insanity mechanics in the default setting since the PCs will act as if insane very soon.)

The PCs met Ezekiel, who I portrayed with great pathos and they felt very sad for him. They made it to the shack and had a great time exploring, poking, prodding, and guessing at the mysteries before them. (They guessed correctly about many thing. I have smart players!)

They returned to Zeke’s camp to rest and resupply (thus avoiding the terrors of sleep near the cabin). They made their way back to the cabin, opened the trap door, and descended into the hall of screaming face. We called the night as the stood at the base of the shaft looking down a dark corridor lifts 30 feet ahead of them by their lanterns. On Monday we find out what happens when a venture into the darkness before them.


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