Fallen World Campaign [LotFP] – Sixth Session Report

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Third Part of Death Frost Doom in my ongoing Lamentations of the Flame Princess game.

First session was the cabin. Second session was the base of the shaft to finding the Sacred Parasite.

The Players stared at the horror of the Sacred Parasite. They saw The World Stone, their quest object, resting on an alter just visible on the other side of the creature. They didn’t know what to do. But they did recognize him both from the mural in the chapel and the carving in the small box they found.

They decided they were going to show the image in the box to the Sacred Parasite. Two of the PCs went back to the chapel to wait by the organ with the Imperial Hymn sheet music ready to go. (Which they had deduced could control the undead.) They were told to start playing if the Sacred Parasite’s singing at any point.

The three remaining PC’s had oil and flame ready. One PC stepped up, extending the box out on the tip of his spear to the Sacred Parasite. (Unwittingly staying just far enough away to avoid triggering an attack.) The box caught the attention of the Sacred Parasite, and, per the rules, he became stunned and stopped singing as he looked at this memory of who he used to be.

So, the singing stops, and then.. from far down the echoing corridor, music plays from the organ. It was a great, creepy, comic moment!

But also in that moment Werner, one of the PCs, BOLTED into the room, no knowing how long the Sacred Parasite would be stunned but knowing this was his chance.

He squeezed his way around the creature, making climbing rolls aided by having read the mountain climbing book found in the cabin. He had three rounds to get to the other side, grab things, and get back. (He didn’t know that was how long the Sacred Parasite would be stunned. He was just hustling.)

He cracked some of the spheres. Souls escaped. The other PCs burned them as the liquid slide along the floor.

Werner reached the altar. He grabbed The World Stone and the book he saw lying there. He left the two goblets knowing he did not want to risk hanging out any longer than he had to in the same room with the creature.

There was some miscommunication on my part. The player in the High Alter thought he could travel faster than 10’ per round. But no, he would have been in there for four minutes. Because I had made the mistake I cut him some slack and he got out one round earlier avoiding being next to the creature as it snapped out of its reverie. Werner ran as fast as he could from the Sacred Parasite. The creature reached for him, missing. The next round the Sacred Parasite vomited its magical poisonous liquid down the corridor and hit one of the PCs–but only for a couple points of damage.

And then they ran.

And I’ll make this short: they ran and they lived. They did it right. They knew their objectives, they mess around, they get out alive.

They climbed up Werner’s rope ladder, spiked the trap door shut, and went down the mountain.

After that they track down a couple of the nights of the Order Medicinal, got some extra exposition about the shrine, and then made plans for the next session to head to a place within scene a marking of a bug on a magical map and found sessions earlier.

And that was Death Frost Doom.


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