The Burning Wheel Codex is Live on Kickstarter


Burning Wheel Gold is a game I love. Clever, full of interlocking game mechanics, and pushing characters on a thematic level that I just really love. It does things that back in the 90s I wish RPGs were doing, and it does them really well.

The thing is, the changes from Burning Wheel Revised to Burning Wheel Gold made a lot of the supplemental material (Monster Burner, Adventure Burner, and the Magic Burner) out-of-date, according to Luke Crane. (I think there was still plenty of value in the books, especially Adventure Burner and Magic Burner, but yes, the math was off for monsters and magic.)

But now the kind of essays and information found in the original supplements are going to be published in a new book, a companion to the Burning Wheel Gold. It will including additional lifepaths, magic and rules commentary.

The Kickstarter for the Burning Wheel Codex just launched. (As of this writing, it has already made $17,500 of it’s $25,000 goal on its first day.) For $25 you can get the Burning Wheel Codex, plus shipping. You can also get a copy of the Burning Wheel Gold hardcover for the same price if you don’t own one yet. And there are several other rewards available as well.

It’s an excellent system, though big, and requiring some work and thought to make it work as well as it should. But the point of Codex is to make that work easier. Given the quality that Burning Wheel HQ brings to their products, I expect it is going to work gangbusters.

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