Fallen World Campaign [LotFP]–Thirteenth Session

[Note: Spoilers about The God That Crawls below.]

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.02.32 PM.png

Tonight the players examined their hauls from the catacombs from The God That Crawls.

As noted in the previous write-up, the group brought a huge haul out of The God That Crawls. They have been flipping through the rule book, rented a farmhouse outside of Munich, hired an alchemist to reduce the prices for their magical research, and two guards.

They had hired the same two guards for the last few weeks in Munich. But this was the first time they really delved into the Retainers section. It really felt like they were committing to the game in a whole new way.

The Magic-User learned Identify. Then the group methodically cast it upon three items a day.

Magic-User Level 1
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: Touch

This spell allows the Magic-User to discern the magical properties of an item. The spell requires one uninterrupted day in a laboratory worth at least 1,000 sp to cast. At the end of the day, the Magic- User will have successfully determined one magical property of an item. The character will not know if there are additional properties unless he casts Identify again and another magical property of the item is determined. He will only know all of the magical properties of an item when he casts the spell and no new property is identified; both the “wasted” day and the “wasted” casting of Identify confirming that the item has no further properties. Note that a cursed item will not be identified as cursed, but as the item it pretends to be. This spell does not reveal command words. Each casting of the spell, successful or not, requires the expenditure of 100 sp worth of ingredients.

They learned that the chariot axel lets one travel 1-100 miles in six seconds. They tried it out, with the PC who already owned a chariot before they found the axel (!) very excited about giving it a go. He went for 1 Round, traveling 74 miles before stopping. He took a few Hit Points of damage, which he handles easily. (He’s a 3rd Level Fighter.) His cart and warhorses were consumed by the flame, of course. So in the village he stopped at he commissioned a new chariot and bought two new horses.

Meanwhile, at the farmhouse, the rest of the group continued identify objects: The plant fed with blood, the spear the pierced Jesus, and so on.

They were amazed and delighted when the Identify allowed them the secret of the handle wood box. “There’s a City of the Stars on the far side of the Moon!” they shouted. “We have to go!”

So, now they have a new objective. I have no idea how they’ll get there or what is there. But I’m intrigued enough with their delight to figure it out and make it possible.

Meanwhile, the Fighter–his new chariot ready–got on board, this time declaring he would go for two rounds. He only traveled 34 miles this time, and took, once more, an insignificant amount of damage. But he failed his Save Vs. Magical Device and something [a Summoned Creature] appeared in the chariot next to him.

And there we paused.

The first thing we’ll do at the next session is sit around the table and roll up the creature riding alongside the PC in the chariot.


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