Prepping Scenic Dunnsmouth for a Future Session of LotFP


The fiancée and I will be watching a movie soon. But as she cooks dinner, I pulled out Scenic Dunnsmouth to begin prepping it for my Fallen World Campaign. I don’t think we’ll get to it this coming Monday. But I want a chance to copy and paste all the generated content into a little pamphlet to have at hand and really get a handle on fleshing the town out.

Dropping the dice and randomizing the village already gave me a fun buzz. I used to never think all this randomization was a good idea.

Specific changes I’m making:

The location will be in a murky, hidden vale along the northern face of the Alps south of Murnau. I’ll be changing all the names to be German and Swiss.

I made the Red Kicker d12 the Worldly Explorers home, but am changing this slightly. It is actually the secondary residence of an trans-dimensional explorer. Remember the snow globes from DFD? The Players were fascinated by those. If the Players dig all the pieces the late explorer has left behind, they will be traveling to various alternate realities (read: various LotFP and third party modules that don’t work in 17th-century Europe! I’m pretty sure I’ll have a few shattered snow globes lying around the battered remains of the house (Uncle Ivonovik is living there!) so they can make the connection.

The explorer had taken to coming down to the village to slow his aging with the effects of the Time Cube. He has so many worlds he wanted to explore he wanted to live forever as he did research for more worlds.

In his home in the village they will find three sets (I think) of coordinates to use with his ship. There will not be full descriptions of where the coordinates lead to… only drawings and then a “combination” to be used with the wheel of the adventurer’s sailing ship to travel to other dimensions. (At this time, I think the three coordinates will lead to QelongCastle Gargantua, and Isle of the Uknown (which I’ll flesh out as a strange pagan landscape in the vein of Celtic myth along with all the strange creatures in the book).

The adventure’s first home (a now deserted fortress) is up in the mountains. There they will find a three masted ship in a hidden cave lake. If they use the “combinations” for a given destination, they’ll end up in a bod of water in that world.


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