Fallen World Campaign [LotFP]–Fourteenth Session


On Monday night, we found out what happened when one of the PCs took a two round ride in a chariot fixed with an axel found in an old crypt. Rauk ended up with a dark passenger — a figure made of blood with a bestial eye stalk, crystalline arms, as well as arms made of dead tree branches.

He managed to dominate the thing… but just as he did this, the chariot burned out from under him (along with the horses going up in flames as well) and he tumbled to the ground, distracting him, and freeing the creature from his concentration. After that, he had to outrun the thing for 21 rounds as it tried to maul him to pieces.

Rauk ran to a village just off the road, using villagers to distract the thing (only one villager died) and rushing in and out of homes. He managed to light thing on fire. It’s body of blood could take no normal damage… but its tree branch arms lit up with a roll of 4 on a d4… causing the arms to continue burning for several rounds with lots of 7s and 8s coming up on a d8. Rauk took several horrible swipes to the back, managing to live long enough to hear it vanish with a pop behind him on round 21.

So now we all know how the Summon rules work!

The group gathered back up and headed to Murnau, gathering information about the shrouded-in-mist-and-mystery town of Bergenzel (which is my campaign’s name for Scenic Dunnsmouth). They are traveling there to find information about an explorer they have heard about who has traveled to many worlds. In the town they not only heard more rumors, but found coins the adventurer had spent in Murnau from lands they could not identify. One had a language they could not read. The Magic-User cast a Comprehend Languages and the dead read the inscription around the image of a man to her: “Lanterius, King of Atlantis.” (This will lead to Isle of the Unknown.)  They also found a coin with the symbol of the Holy Roman Empire, but with the visage of a narrow face, with sharp cheekbones and pointed ears. (This is from Qelong and is from the Empire that has sent mercenaries into the valley.)

They spoke to the priest in Murnau, and bought the tax debt of Bergenzel (worth about 12,000sp) for 500sp off Murnau’s priest.

They traveled into the vales at the base of the alps, making their way through the deepening swamp. They found the boathouse (set at the edge of what had once been a river out of Bergenzel), spoke to an unfriendly member of the Von Kaus family, but got clues about where the adventurer’s home in Bergezenl, as well as the location of the church in order to collect the taxes.

And there we closed for the night.


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