Yoon-Suin: Notes on Tonight’s Game


I used the tables in Yoon-Suin to generate Four Social Circles for the PCs, five NPCs, Four Small Communities and three Rumors/Hooks.

However, tonight is a one shot, and as much a I am madly in love with the sandbox nature of Yoon-Suin and The Yellow City, I realized I better start focusing or we’d spend a whole session with us wandering around (which would be amazing) and then me saying at the evening’s end, “Welp, that’s it.” Also, there are so many situations and conflicts already in motion that I want the Players to interact with some of them.

So, I decided to focus on one of them, breaking out some of the details in one of the Social Circles, combining it with a Small Community already on hand, pulling in an NPC from another Social Circles, adding a Lair of Crab-Men, and creating a daemon of love that lives in a lotus blossom growing on a rock in the Topaz Isles…

The notes below are for this focused thread for tonight. Note that I have no expectations on what that the Players will have their characters do, what the “climax” might be, how it will end, or which “side” they might back. There’s plenty of directions to go… and it’s up to them to decide what their PCs value and want to do.

In short, the Player Characters will have several NPCs in their social circles. But one in particular, an owner of a Fighting Club Troupe, is in dire straights as his fighters keep losing matches for uncanny reasons…

How this will all unfold, I have no idea. I also have all the other NPCs and Social Circles and setting details I’ve created on tap, so if the PCs want to seek information or help from other people, I’ve already got some NPCs with their own concerns and agendas waiting in the wings.

I’ll have the more details about how the process works (and the other details I rolled up) in a future post.


Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 1.52.02 PM

And a few tables later, I ended up with this…


The Fight Troupe of Po-Li’s Ever Calming Hammers

Conflict: The owner’s wife has become an opium addict. Her dreams have opened a passage for a daemon of love to enter the world and curse the troupe so it will fail and the wife and a addled, retired fighter can go off into happiness.

Hook: The Fighters in the Troop keep losing in improbable circumstances. They have been unknowingly cursed.


Po-li: The Owner, rail thin and perpetually wound up. His desire is for money.

Har-kuah: Po-li’s wife, an addict, and Dimdaalo’s primary caretaker. She is voluptuous and earthy. Her desire is love.

Dimdaalo Jin the Victorious: A retired fighter, an addict. A man with a battered body, a good nature, pleased to be in reposed so often every day after so many years fighting.

Kelo-Bindo: Har-kuah’s sister, who made the trip out to the shrine of Ko-Re-Nah and prayed for her sister’s love to break her addiction, leave Po-li, and return to her family.

The Curse: When fighting, Ko-Re-Nah influences them, moving them from the focused aggression and hatred required for a battle to one of loving the man they are fighting. It is only for a split second (it takes effort for Ko-Re-Nah to make this change in the demeanor of the fighter for this brief period of time) but it is enough for the men to lose their focus and make a move or mistake that throws the fight to their opponents.


Bo Pan’s Mining Operation on a Topaz Islet

A Brutal Foreman and his guards are facing off against local Crab-men who believe the islet is sacred. The islet is home to a natural shrine of Ko-Re-Nah, a spirit of love.

Bo Pan: a Noble of the Yellow City who sponsored the mining operation.

Lee Don: the Brutal foreman who desires to get back home to his wife and children. He is determine to mine out the topaz as quickly as possible.

  • Lee Don: 2HD Fighter
  • 17 Guards: 1HD Fighter
  • 85 Slaves: 0HD
  • 11 Unites of Topaz
  • Bo Pan is getting ready to double down on his investment and hire mercenaries to go wipe out the Crab-men lair.
  • Lee Don is on pins and needles. No one is allowed near the island anymore, and is fired upon on sight by the five archers he has in his company.


The Lotus Shrine of Ko-Re-Nah

On the islet, in a small hole in a group of tall rocks not much bigger than a fist. It is the sacred shrine of Ko-Re-Nah, which contains a lotus flower which grows from the very rock. The flower is only visible at night, one the light from one of the three moons touches the stones.

Ko-Re-Nah: A spirit of love in the form of a lotus leaf. She has entered this world through Har-kuah’s dreams. She wants Har-kuah to be happy and has cursed the troop to always fail in their fights, hoping to ruin Po-li’s Ever Calming Hammers and allow Har-Kuah and Dimdaalo Jin to drift away into a slumber of love together.

Rituals & Rules for the Shrine

Anyone within 10’ of the Shrine feels rejuvenated and receives 1d8 HPs of Healing. This healing effect is usable once per day and leaves whomever receives this blessing unable to commit acts of violence for 1d4 hours receiving it

Anyone asking for Ko-Re-Nah’s blessing or a favor, with an appropriate offering (a pledge of service to love), will receive a boon of some sort indirect aid in the request via an act of love.

If the shrine is somehow moved, the magical properties reman intact.

If the shrine is destroyed (the rock ruined or the lotus blossom destoryed (the first will cause the second)): the loving spirit of Ko-Re-Nah is destroyed, but in her death throes she becomes a bitter hateful spirit. Her spirit will last 1d6 rounds until the magical properties that let her exist in this plane dissipate.

Ko-Re-Nah’s Hateful Spirit

HD 3
AC 15
#ATT 1
DMG: Special
Move 0 (Fly 150)
ML 8
Save As: F4
TT: None

  • Is immune to non-magical weapons.
  •  The sight of an ice ghost causes fear – failing a saving throw versus magic results in the victim fleeing in terror for d6 rounds and dropping any items carried.
  • The sound of an ice ghost’s screams cause instant death to any living thing within 50 yards on failure of a saving throw versus death.

If Ko-Re-Nah’s evil spirit is killed before she leaves this plane, her heart falls to the ground. It is a Black Diamond worth 1,000sp.

If Ko-Re-Nah leaves this plane, she will return in 5d10 weeks in a new location. She will work to use Love to ruin those who harmed her.Lair



On a nearby islet is a group of 30 Crab-men who have taken it upon themselves to drive Bo Pan’s mining operation from the islet with the shrine to Ko-Re-Nah.

Big Man: 5HD  AC 18
(2) Shaman: 4HD
(30) Crab-Men: 0HD
(3) Nudibranch


  • Crab-men are so strong and their claws so powerful that each successful hit causes double damage: roll to hit as normal and then roll 1d8x2.
  • Crab-men have a natural AC of 16 from their tough shells. This improves to 17 at level 3, 18 at level 5, 19 at level 7, and 20 at level 9.
  • Crab-men cannot speak human languages, though they can understand what they are told and communicate with gestures to some degree.
  • Crab-men cannot manipulate magic items, or indeed do anything requiring fingers, and cannot learn how to read or write. They cannot wield weapons.

Giant Nudibranch

A soft-bodied, slug-like marine mollusc, often brightly and unusually coloured and with strange frills, spines, tentacles and protrusions. It enjoys the taste of flesh and will eat it voraciously with its rubbery mouth. Often lives symbiotically with crab-men who feed it and receive its protection in return.

Giant Nudibranch

HD 6
AC 4
#ATT 1
DMG d10+2
Move 90 (Swim 150)
ML 7
Save As: F4,
TT: Nil

  • On a successful hit, can clamp and devour – continues to damage the same target each round automatically until death of the victim – or itself.
  • Roll a d3 to determine chemical defenses:
  1. Secretes acid 1/day, does d4 damage to anything within 10 feet for 3 rounds
  2. Bite is poisonous – save versus poison or faint for d3 hours
  3.  Bite is poisonous – save versus poison or constitution permanently halved

Lair Treasure:
Plus 2d6 Crab-man artwork of Shell Arangements worth 500sp each (must be preserved with Preserve Crab-man Art spell (lvl 2))

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