Tales to Astound!

The Covers for My Classic Traveller Binder


A quick and simple post. But it has weight for me.

I build binders for my games, holding notes, ideas, rules reference sheets, and more. I grab art off the internet and create something that gets me focused and in the mood.

Above you’ll find the front and back cover of my Traveller three-ring binder, which holds sheets 8.5″ x 5.5″.

The back quote is from Mike Wightman, who posted it on the Citizens of the Imperium website. The quote nails the spirit and feel I want for the Traveller game I want to build and run for my friends.

Every Traveller group has its own agenda, its own feel. Every Traveller campaign is its own thing, with its own focus.

But when I read the Little Black Books years ago, this is the feel I wanted to bring to the table for my friend. I never got the chance! But it’s on my To-Do list now.