Notes for My First Session of My Lamentations of the Flame Princess Campaign


I just came across the pages shown in this post. This is how my Lamentations of the Flame Princess campaign began, with three people I knew, and three others I found off of Meetup.

I started my campaign with a brief adventure called Stranger Storm from the original LotFP Referee Book and the notes pictured above. (You can get the PDF of the LotFP Referee Book for free at RPGNow.)

The Player Characters started on a road, at night. They had each rolled a rumor from the World Rumor Table I made, as well as rumors about meteorites that had fallen to the south a few nights earlier.

They were looking to find the meteorites, but would encounter the situation of Stranger Storm along the way.

The adventure Stranger Storm has no maps. I grabbed some maps from other RPG books to help me out.


So, I started with:

  1. Rumor Table (which focuses the players, but lets the choose what to do)
  2. Stranger Storm (With a few alterations of the creatures to fit my campaign. Specifically I altered the nature of the Changelings to make them into arcane spies of sorcerers of Carcosa.)
  3. A stack of LotFP adventures that the Rumors on the Rumor Table point to
  4. The notes I have attached in photos
  5. A map of an inn and of a small keep I cribbed from elsewhere (they never went to the keep)

We’ve been playing for over a  year, alternating games on occasion, for a solid six months of play so far.



1 thought on “Notes for My First Session of My Lamentations of the Flame Princess Campaign

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been going through some stacks of mixed up roleplaying notes to sort things into some order and I’ve been struck by how many similar notes to the ones you show that I’ve got. A good diagram to show flows and connections. Key reminders about travel times and encounters, NPC names, and tweaks to the plot. Links to important other scenarios.

    And those notes of mine like yours above are the ones that most often resulted in good, briskly run and entertaining scenarios. They help avoid getting bogged down while the rules and various supplements get looked up. That is why I got LotfP, to be honest: it seemed such a simple game to run, like Over the Edge is simple – rules that do what you need, while not getting in the way. And like original traveller was/is simple. Which is why I’m following your other stream of Traveller Out of the Box discussions with interest.

    Simplicity counts for a lot.

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