TRAVELLER: Out of the Box–Marc Miller Talks about the Development of Traveller


E.T. Smith was at the recent GaryCon and had an opportunity to talk to Marc Miller during a quiet Q&A with a few other attendees.

He begins:

Friday morning at Gary Con IX, I attended a seminar hosted by Marc Miller, lead creator of Traveller. It turned out to be a modest affair, fewer than ten people, so Marc had us all pull in close and provided rare opportunity to ask him direct questions. In particular, since I’ve been reading the “Out of the Box” series on Tales to Astound, I was curious about the evolution of Traveller from a generic sandbox generator to a game specifically about the Third Imperium setting, and was able to put the matter to him directly a couple times.

There are plenty of interesting nuggets scattered through the post, so if you’re interested in Traveller and its history I would definitely check it out.

I found this passage interesting in particular:

Buyers demand expansions they’ll never use, so designing for the market is not the same thing as designing for actual play. “They want thirty pages of combat rules, but will never run more than a brawl using five of them.”

I suppose part of the love I have found for OSR style play in recent years is based on the notion that I want as few rules as possible, and I’ll add more later if  need them. My focus is on actual play… not buying more material.


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