Lamentations of the Flame Princess Fallen Worlds Campaign: Lantern Company

592fd597e3a7629dbf7bf9d11276387bAs I noted in this summary of most recent session of my Lamentations of the Flame Princess campaign the Lamplighters came across a group of Rogue Mercenaries from Sweden who had been abandoned with no easy way home. The Lamplighters approached them, plied them with silver and the promise of land and got a bunch of them to hire on with them.

So now my PCs have a company of 100 troops!

Below is the sheet I made up to track the troops, hit points of the troops, and expenses. I’ll be emailing it to the gang before the game.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 7.47.46 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-13 at 7.47.57 PM

The email I will be sending with the doc will say:

Please note that I had no idea you would be stumbling across a mercenary company or that you would be hiring a mercenary company. (A random roll determined the encounter; subsequent reaction rolls determined first you would not be attacked, and later that they would be receptive to your offer. So it goes…)

Keep in mind that I have altered nothing to do with the upcoming scenario because you have troops. Nothing has been added, nothing removed. What was in the fictional environment before is there now and that’s that.

What is different is that you have a company of 100 troops on your payroll. What you choose to ask of them is utterly up to you.

All the troops (from Captain Johansson on down) have Morale score.

When to Check Morale
For combat hardened troops here are the rules for Morale:

Any opportunity to greatly profit at the employer’s expense (say treasure is found) will cause a check. Being asked to do obviously dangerous things will also prompt a check.

Using retainers as cannon fodder or trap testers will cause an immediate check, not only of the employee so treated, but for every one of that character’s retainers.

Morale and Combat
Morale is also checked when NPCs first encounter opposition unless they outnumber their opponents.

Morale is checked and again when the troops are reduced to half strength. (For this purpose, enemies incapacitated by Sleep, Charm, Hold, or similar spells or magic are counted as reducing numbers.)

Making a Morale Check
To make a Morale check, roll 2d6.

If the roll is equal to or less than the Morale score, the NPC is willing to stand and fight.

If the roll is higher than the score the NPC has lost his o her nerve. An NPC that fails a Morale check will generally attempt to flee.

Special Circumstances
Captain Johansson has a Morale of 12. Lieutenant Olsson has a Morale of 9. The rest of the Troops have Morales of 8. Each squad has a Sergeant. If the squad’s Sergeant is killed the Morale of each Troop in that squad drops to 7.

Your troops are very loyal to Captain Johansson. If he is near the troops and part of any given conflict each troop receives a +1 Morale bonus. (This moves every troop from a Morale of 8 to a Morale of 9.) Other circumstances may move Morale up or down.

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