Rest in Peace Ursula K. Le Guin


“As a boy, Ogion like all boys had thought it would be a very pleasant game to take by art-magic whatever shape one liked, man or beast, tree or cloud, and so to play at a thousand beings. But as a wizard he had learned the price of the game, which is the peril of losing one’s self, playing away the truth.

“The longer a man stays in a form not his own, the greater this peril. Every prentice-sorcerer learns the tale of of the wizard Bordger of Way, who delighted in taking bear’s shape, and did so more and more often until the beast grew in him and the man died away, and he became a bear, and killed his own little son in the forests, and was hunted down and slain.

“And no one knows how many of the dolphins that leap in the water of the Inmost Sea were men once, wise men, who forgot their wisdom and their names in the joy of the restless sea.”

— A Wizard of Earthsea

2 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Ursula K. Le Guin

  1. Thank you for that tribute. I’ve seen a few things online describing what a fantastic and influential writer she was, amongst other things. But that simple excerpt transports me in time to a much younger time, and reminds me of the impact she had.

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