Greg Stafford (1948 – 2018)


Greg Stafford, designer of King Arthur Pendragon, the creator of Glorantha, and founder of Chaosium, passed away yesterday.

The Chaosium has a tribute to Greg here.

3 thoughts on “Greg Stafford (1948 – 2018)

  1. I sure wish your return to actively posting on this blog was under happier circumstances.

    R.I.P. Greg Stafford. You will be missed by more than you’ll ever know.

    • Thank you for your kind compliment. Busy with several projects and so spare time is limited.

      As for Greg, I only met him once, and had several rounds of correspondences with him about Pendragon and Glorantha. But I loved the things he made.

      • Yea, I met him once also. It was short. I caught him just before he was going to GM an RQ game at GenCon which sadly I wasn’t able to join. He was surprised at how young I looked holding my well loved copy of RQ1 for him to sign.

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