A Player Map for Dolmenwood

Brackenwold-Abbey Player

I’ve fallen in love with the setting of Dolmenwood as described in the zine Wormskin.

I’ve been wanting to take the Original Dungeons & Dragons rules out for a spin for a while.

I’ve put all this together by starting up an online game using video chat on Discord to keep connected with people and kit-bashing the rules of Delving Deeper and Whitebox: Fantasy Medieval Adventure Game. (PDFs of each game are free.)

A full Kickstarter for Dolmenwood is on the way, but won’t be here for months. There is a lovely Game Master map of Dolmenwood that has been available for a couple of years, and while the Player Book for the Kickstarter will include a map designed for the players, until then I’m on my own.

So I went to the map application Inkarnate and built myself a couple of maps to set up the area closest to Castle Brackenwold to set up the campaign

Here are the results!

Without Hexes:

Brackenwold-Abbey Player

With Hexes:

Brackenwold-Abbey Hex

I’m giving the map without hexes to the players.

The hexes on the map match the hexes of the official Dolmenwood map linked to above.

In this map you’ll find that I have added little blue dots. These match the inns along the roads as described in issues of Wormskin. I’ve also removed the village of Orbswallow as found on the map because most humans don’t know much about the Moss Dwarves and know nothing about Orbswallow. And these maps are ostensibly maps they found have acquired in the city of Castle Brackenwold and are human-centric in their design and point of view.

The area mapped is very much a part of the Duchy of Brackenwold. The Duke rules it. The Dolmenwood map labels this part of the forest as “Brackenwold.” It is close to Castle Brackenwold. Travel routes are still in use between Castle Brackenwold to Lankshorn and Castle Brackenwold to Prigwort.

So it makes sense to me that this portion of the woods, at least in terms of human settlements and trade, is marked well enough.

However! Because the toxic, tainted magic has been sweeping across the woods for the last 300 years, one must always assume that what was true a year ago or even a month ago might not be true now. So though the roads and human settlesments are marked. (And the Abby is marked not only because everyone knows where the ruins are, but also the trade road from Prigwort to Fort Vulgar passes it) anything off the roads is fair game for all sorts of unknown weirdness.

While the map above is there to help orient the players, there will be much to add to the map as they proceed.

And when they travel beyond the areas shown the map, they will be on their own. In my view, once you travel beyond Prigwort or Lakeshorn you are heading into lands that most people in Brackenwold hear rumors of and hear tales of… but most folks have not ventured into those lands at all.

3 thoughts on “A Player Map for Dolmenwood

  1. Absolutely fabulous! I love this setting, and would love to see more regional maps like these. Great work, and thanks for sharing!

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