LotFP Fallen World Campaign


I’m currently running a Lamentations of the Flame Princess campaign with six terrific players.

The game is set in 17th Century Europe. Not only is the Thirty Wars War raging, but an interplanetary war of different realities is being fought across Europe as well.

I’m folding in content from all the LotFP products. So the Duvan’Ku temple from Death Frost Doom is in the Alps. Sorcerers from Carcosa has been sending agents and spies to our world in order to take it over (to have access to more human sacrifices). And there is an otherworldly explorer they have tracked down has has the means of traveling to alternate earths with more adventures (Qelong, Castle Gargantua, and Isle of the Unknown, among others.)

If you click on the link above you’ll not only see session reports from the game, but tools and ideas for play I’ve been building as I go.