Revised Player Character Pregens for the RuneQuest Glorantha Quickstart

Yanioth Image

You can find the RuneQuest QuickStart Adventure here.

I’ve changed up the list of Rune Magic spells to match the spells found in the RQG Core Book. I’ve also altered the spell notion terms from those found in the Quickstart to those found in the Core Book (so, now a spell might have the notation, [1, Touch, Instant, Nonstackable], as opposed to the notation from the quickstart).

Each booklet contains the information you would find on a character sheet. But also contains brief descriptions of the the character’s cult and god, descriptions of the Runes of Glorantha, and brief descriptions of the character’s Spirit and Rune spells.

I hope this is useful for people. I’m still plowing through the rules. But I’ve found that making tools like this lets me get a grasp on new rules. And I believe it will help my players in a couple of weeks have a quick reference for both rules and some of the texture of Glorantha as they sink into the setting and the game for the first time.

Click on the image of each character to link to the Player Character Booklet:

YANIOTHYanioth Image


VOSTORVostor Image


VASANAVasana Image


SORALASorala Image


HARMASTHarmast Image


Pregen Player Character Booklets for the RuneQuest Glorantha Quickstart

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 1.54.56 PM.png

In celebration of Runequest Gloranatha: Quickstart Rules and Adventure coming home with ENnie Gold, and because RuneQuest Glorantha is now available in PDF and soon to be available in print, and because I’ll be running the Quickstart at a local convention at the end of the month I decided to take the Pregenerated Player Characters and build little booklets for each PC.

Each booklet contains the relevant Rune Descriptions, Rune Spells, Spirit Magic Spells, and short descriptions of the respective PC’s cult, as well as all the other information contained on each of the PC’s character sheet from the Quickstart.

My design goal was to build a little booklet which would allow a Player to flip through the booklet and find the relevant information for a specific rule or topic on a given page.

I’m a big fan of the A5/8.5×5.5 format at the gaming table. They take up less space, you can hold them in your hands easily when flipping through them. The PDF is in a A5 format. You can print the PDFs using “booklet” formatting and get a 20 page doc on five sheets of paper. (There’s a short table of contents after the coverer page. The whole idea is to make an easy to use, easy to access document for someone sitting down to play RuneQuest Glorantha for the first time.)

The pages were built in A5 format. But you can easily print them in 8.5×5.5 format with only the slightest shrinkage to the text and no real effect on presentation.

These is a format that i came up with for myself, of course. Which reflects my own thinking and design principles. But I hope people might find them helpful for getting new demonstrations of the game up and running.

I haven’t done a final proof on these yet, so if you notice anything askew, please let me know!


RQG Yanioth QuickStart

RQG Vostor QuickStart

RQG Vasana QuickStart

RQG Sorala QuickStart

RQG Harmast QuickStart