I used to write RPG things. Now I write other things. But I still play.


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  1. Hi
    Over on CotI ,I just asked the question
    After reading all of these post I wonder if we should call the use of only LLBs 1-3 Proto-Traveller.
    Using LBBs 1-4, Supplements 1-4, Adventures 1-4 and all of the Double Adventures could be called Proto-Imperium.”

    To me the first three books is the Traveller that Marc intended it to be. After that it was GDW’s Traveller and the making of the Imperium to sell more books. Don’t get me wrong ,I’ve got them all and used some of them. But to me Proto-Traveller should be only LLBs 1-3.

    • Aramis, rightly I think, pointed out that changing a term that has been in use for over a decade is not a good idea.

      For myself, I’ve come to call Traveller Books 1-3 “original Traveller.” This is to distinguish using just these three books from “Basic Traveller” which is LBBs 1-3, The Traveller Book, and Starter Traveller. Each of these three products use the same rules, though the content is different in each in terms of implied and explicit setting material.

  2. Your blog has inspired me to run Classic Traveller for my local group – and maybe a game or 2 at my local con. And then I noticed you’re in Los Angeles as well! I’ll make sure to check in with you before I decide to run an LA con game to ensure we don’t steal each others players – and to give you a chance to play if you want.

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