Classic Traveller Editions–A Section-by-Section Comparison


Frank Filz has done an amazing thing for those of us who are very, very obsessed with digging into the rules of Classic Traveller: He has created a section-by-section comparison of the text found in the 1977 edition of Traveller Books 1-3, the 1981 edition of Traveller Books 1-3, and the Starter Traveller and The Traveller Book editions of the game.

Some of the changes are small. Some are significant. Some will matter to you, but not another person. And some will make you go, “Oh, hey, that’s really interesting. I never noticed that before, but I prefer [insert your preference here] this version of the rules over the one I was familiar with.”

It’s often the kind of minutia I’m fascinated by as I piece together how the game played back in the 1970s–and how it began to shift as the RPG game design and publishing models shifted in the 1980s.


3 thoughts on “Classic Traveller Editions–A Section-by-Section Comparison

  1. This was a fun and enlightening project, however, it is not complete. Every once in a while someone points out a wording difference I missed or didn’t consider the significance of.

    If you see any difference that seems interesting to you that I missed, please request access to the document and I will grant you comment access so you can add a comment and I will update.

    • I’ve been meaning to indicate my own gratitude for your work on this project. It’s been very useful in coalescing my thinking on how best (for my purposes) to run the game.

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