Games to Pitch: Lamentation of the Flame Princess / Valkhon Rising


“Lamentation of the Flame Princess” is part of the OSR school. It’s a cleaned up version of the Original Dungeons & Dragons. You can find a free (no-art) version of the rules here.

The setting I’m thinking of is something Nordic, non-Earth. Only humans. Magic is rare and strange. Clerics are the driven spokesman of rough gods. Lots of snow, islands and ships. A rough people, a simple culture, survivors.

There are the petty squabbles of clansman and dukes and princess. Enough of an “real” environment to give a mundane balance to the strangeness to come.

And here is the strangeness…

An earthquake occurs one night. Tidal waves wash up along the shoreline tearing away bits of  coastline. A time of growing war and strife is made more ominous by the arrival of something amazing…

An island the size of Australia has magically, mysteriously appeared out in the ocean. Did it rise? Or was it dropped? Or was it summoned by terrible, old powers? Strange portents lead adventurers to discover its secrets and bring back treasures. But what happens there begins to have an impact on what happens at home…

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