An OSR Forum Makes a Subsector

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Over at the The Ruins of Murkhill forum, a group of dedicated Old School players have taken it upon themselves to build a subsector with the 1977 edition of original Traveller. And this site inspired it!

Inspired by the Traveller Out-of-the-Box posts on the Tales to Astound! blog and makofan‘s post on the OD&D Discussion forum, what do you think of our chances of putting together a subsector based on the 1977 LBBs? I know we’re a small community, but the recent one-page setting contest seems to show there is enough will and talent here. The only question is whether you’d all be interested in doing something like this for old-school CT.

The idea is that I would prepare the blank map using only the random method in LBB3 (including ’77-style space lanes), and everyone would take it from there to develop their own clusters or individual worlds (in communication with your neighbours if you feel so inclined – we found this was the most fun part when we developed the Spica Sector for Spica Publishing years ago).


The full thread the quote above is from can be read here.

Well, people were interested, and now they are doing it!

Here is the sub-forum for the project.

Here is the thread explaining the project.

Here is the thread with the subsector map, the subsector data, and the template for people to develop worlds from the data.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

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