Lamentations of the Flame Princess — Character Creation Pamphlet


I hate having to repeat myself constantly when explaining character creation to players new to a game. One player is always 14 seconds behind someone else, then you go back, and someone is getting ahead… its just a  mess.

To avoid this misery,  I whipped up this character creation pamphlet for the game of LotFP I started last Monday. (Making characters for LotFP is fast, but there are fiddly bits that have to be explained and calculated along the way. I wanted to make this as smooth as possible for my six players that are all new to the game.)

The pages are formatted A5. However, since I’m in the States, I printed them on 8 x 11.5 sheets (close enough!). I printed two pages per side, double-sided, using booklet printing format. Then I folded them up, stapled them in the middle, and handed them out. But you could also just print them and hand them out as several sheets.

If a player has this pamphlet and a well designed LotFP character sheet, figuring things out and getting them transferred to the character sheet should work well. (It worked well last Monday night, at least!)

Note that the text is focused on the default setting of the LotFP products: 17th Century Europe (or thereabouts). Thus, no Elves or Dwarves as classes.

Also, the notes about Clerics are modified slightly from the text in Rules & Magic. But nothing too strange. Everything else is straight up by the book.


3 thoughts on “Lamentations of the Flame Princess — Character Creation Pamphlet

    • I actually made spell booklets for my players last year when I started the game. Here they are, ready to be printed out as little pamphlets, They include both 1st and 2nd Level spells.

      You can find them in this post.

      I made them for my Players for the same reason Jeff wrote about in his post.

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